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Here we publish interesting posts on typography, web design and print matter, and announcements and descriptions of new features on Rentafont.
02 December, 2023 · Yevgen Sadko
An Interview with Swiss type designer named Nico Inosanto, who creates Cyrillic for his fonts, learns the Ukrainian language, and offers his fonts for free to Ukrainian designers. I have always loved Swiss typography, which is very different from Ukrainian that I also admire. Read more
21 October, 2023 · Yevgen Sadko
A small article about a fantastic project Typeface Alphabet of Ukrainian Identity. It’s an awesome website, designed by Obys Agency and a lot of different artifacts, exhibitions, and events that tell the story about Ukraine with the help of 33 fonts. Read more
30 May, 2023 · Yevgen Sadko
A text version of the video speech by Yevgen Sadko at ATypI Paris 2023 conference. A look at Ukrainian society in the 21st century as two groups: font users and font designers. Description of changes in attitude to fonts of these groups for four periods Read more
22 April, 2022 · Olena Ruda, Yevgen Sadko
Poland is expressing solidarity with Ukraine not only by accepting Ukrainian refugees, but also by drawing attention of the world to the distinctiveness of Ukrainian culture. In March and April 2022, a well-known design challenge "36 Days of Type" has got Read more
05 April, 2022 · Yevgen Sadko
After the russian invasion of Ukraine, many of our cities became known to the whole world. This fame, unfortunately, came to us because of the destruction, tragedies and war crimes of russia. Today, designers from all over the world are trying to support Ukraine Read more
03 March, 2022 · Yevgen Sadko
I should have written this post a few days ago, but it is very difficult to work when you constantly have to hide from the air attacks or missile strikes. On February 24, 2022, the russian dictator began a new stage of aggression against Ukraine! Every major city is a subject Read more
06 January, 2022 · Oleksiy Chekal
One day, while strolling in London in the evening with the Penguin Books designer David Pearson, we reached the Farringdon Underground Station. “Do you see this beauty? Now you will understand London better,” said David, pointing to a huge wood alphabet Read more
01 September, 2021 · Yevgen Sadko
It turns out that Rentafont is gaining popularity in India, although there are no Indian characters in our fonts today. We have a variety of fonts for European and Slavic languages. We also have Greek, Asian Cyrillic, Armenian, Arabic and Hebrew. Read more
06 May, 2021 · Olena Ruda, Yevgen Sadko
The events of 2014 not only turned the life of Ukraine upside down, but also intensified the development of many truly European values. In particular, the value of intellectual work. Today we have several online cinemas, TV subscription services, anti-plagiarism scandals Read more
09 January, 2021 · Yevgen Sadko
Fonts play an essential role in design — they set the mood, evoke emotions, and help form an opinion before you get to read the text. They are secret agents of visual communication working with the subconscious of the viewer. This article explains which fonts Read more
21 March, 2020 · Yevgen Sadko
Participating in a worldwide designer challenge #36daysoftype we decided not to draw letters, but to mix Rentafont's typefaces in a certain way. For each letter and number we took a popular search tag, opened, and searched fonts for that tag. Read more
08 March, 2020 · Yevgen Sadko
On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we decided to pay attention to women type designers and their fonts. I hope it is a useful and pleasant gift! Previously, type design has been predominantly a “male profession”. The production of fonts has always been Read more
14 May, 2019 · Yevgen Sadko
For many people, messengers have replaced phone calls, news, web services and support services. Channels and bots give us new opportunities for creativity, entertainment, business, and even help to protect civil rights. Telegram, as a symbol of the victory of the Read more
25 December, 2018 · Yevgen Sadko
I believe that pretty soon humanity will make a new "giant leap" on Mars! This great mission is worthy of its own typeface. While scientists prepare to explore the new planet, Rentafont preparing to release the first multiplanetary typeface. The typeface called Mars Type Read more
30 October, 2018 · Yevgen Sadko
Most likely, you know that designers can, or even should, make the world a better place. At design universities, they are taught not only to bring benefits to customer, but also to preserve nature, save user’s time and appreciate human rights. There are social Read more
30 August, 2018 · Yevgen Sadko
How many fonts do you need to make a poster? Using one font only provides very limited options, while including too many fonts within one design usually looks unconvincing, even unprofessional. A good design is based on a successful combination of several Read more
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