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Rentafont Blog

Here we publish interesting articles on typography n web design and print matter. As well as announcements and descriptions of new features on Rentafont.
25 December, 2018 · Yevgen Sadko
I believe that pretty soon humanity will make a new "giant leap" on Mars! This great mission is worthy of its own typeface. While scientists prepare to explore the new planet, Rentafont preparing to release the first multiplanetary typeface. The typeface called Mars Type Read more
30 October, 2018 · Yevgen Sadko
Most likely, you know that designers can, or even should, make the world a better place. At design universities, they are taught not only to bring benefits to customer, but also to preserve nature, save user’s time and appreciate human rights. There are social Read more
30 August, 2018 · Yevgen Sadko
How many fonts do you need to make a poster? Using one font only provides very limited options, while including too many fonts within one design usually looks unconvincing, even unprofessional. A good design is based on a successful combination of several Read more