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Rent multilingual desktop and web fonts
for designers, publishers and illustrators.
Search and manage thousands fonts online.

Desktop fonts rental

Make design with rented fonts in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and other applications using Rentafont Agent.


Web fonts rental

Bring your websites to perfection! Rentafont takes a fee just for page impressions. You can change your Web Fonts .

You can also buy fonts for yourself or for your clients. Rentafont provides
Perpetual Font Licenses for print, websites, applications, etc.

On Rentafont you can Find Fonts by shape, by design purpose, release year and even associations, for example, "hipster", "childish", "male". Found fonts stored in handy font manager and ready to use on your machines at any time.

Rentafont collection regularly updated thanks to cooperation with leading type designers and foundries. Each font is described on three languages and work so, to be usable, but can't be copied. If you think your fonts should be here, please write to

Flexible and convenient pricing system optimizes your costs. When you register you receive Credits that allow you to start using font rental for free and without any restrictions.