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Nowadays, modern messengers are owr main communication medium. For many people, instant messages have replaced phone calls, news, web services and support services. Channels and bots give us new opportunities for creativity, entertainment, business, and even help to protect civil rights.

Telegram, as a symbol of the victory of the internet technologies over the old ways dictatorship, inspired Rentafont team to create a bot that makes our fonts even closer to users.

We are proud to present the World first Telegram bot that searches and recommends fonts! Our database includes over 4500 great multilingual fonts by Paratype, Mint Type, TypeTogether and other foundries. All this is at a distance of one message from you.

We have kept all the advantages of Rentafont search and optimized it for smartphones. The result is a quick and easy way to choose fonts for any design at the time when you have the idea, even on a trip, in a gym or on a walk.

You may enter font names, classification, design purpose, mood, style, country, and other queries. The fonts you find are easy to save and use on your work computer.

The bot will also offer useful buttons:

  • Search Examples
  • Popular Fonts
  • New Fonts
  • Font Pairs

To find font pairs, enter “pairs” with the desired keyword, for example, "pairs childish", "pairs wedding", "pairs halloween" as shown in the screenshots.

Feel free to ask questions and offer new useful features. Find the address for your messages in the description of Rentafont bot.

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