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About Rentafont

Rentafont is a convenient tool for designers and typographers, since the designers deserve better than a mess in the Fonts folder, and type designers deserve a more stable income and a greater number of legal users.

There has always been a lot of problems with fonts. Firstly, not all designers could afford licensed fonts. Secondly, it is nearly impossible to keep fonts in order and they can be stolen easily. Thirdly, the value of a purchased font cannot be guaranteed. You might use one font often, while some other could only be used once. That is why font piracy is so common in the world today.

Rentafont offers a single solution for all your font problems and makes piracy pointless.

With Rentafont you can:

  • Find and save fonts in a convenient font manager
  • Rent fonts for any period of time, starting with 10 minutes
  • Buy fonts after use with a cumulative discount
  • Install web fonts on websites using the @font-face method
  • Earn money from your fonts

Rentafont is a new approach to working with fonts. It has already been appreciated by numerous designers, stockers, publishers, and foundries.

Our fonts

The Rentafont collection has more than 6200 multilingual fonts in both desktop and web formats. This number is constantly growing thanks to our collaboration with leading type designers and foundries from different countries.

Designations of font functionalities and terms of their use:

— You can rent this font at your computer. — The font has a Web format and is ready for use on your websites. — The font is included to the Stocker’s Collection. — You can download such font free of charge. — The font was designed by Ukrainian type designer. — The font has been withdrawn from sale due to sanctions against the russian federation.

These icons indicate options other than purchasing font licenses. If there are no icons on the font page, then you can only buy it.

Desktop font rental

A designer does not have to buy fonts permanently to make Websites, logos or posters. Having access to them is sufficient.

Font rental is the best possible way to make legal fonts affordable. Indeed, a couple of cents per hour for any font from a huge collection is better than a hundred dollars for a couple of font styles.

A low rental cost frees designers from long search for free fonts, as well as helps them unlearn the habit of downloading illegal fonts. It is much more convenient and satisfying to use quality commercial fonts in one's work.

For font authors, font rental allows expanding the circle of legal users, as well as helps protect their work from piracy.

Here is an example of using rented fonts with the Rentafont Agent application:

You can rent fonts and work with them as long as is needed, using standard rental periods of 10 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, and 1 week. The rental period can be prolonged at any moment. After you have completed work, the font does not disappear and remains at your account, always accessible for repeated rent.

When using fonts without contact with files, one does not have to bother with font licenses! The same terms apply to all rented fonts from Rentafont.

After the layout is created, the client or designer might need a licensed copy. The font license allows printing any number of various products (books, magazines, packages etc.) or use the font in any other manner (in film, TV show, mobile applications etc.).

For prices, see the section Pricing: Desktop Fonts Rental Cost.
On how to use the font rental, see the section How It Works: Rentafont Agent Application.
On rights, read the section Terms and Licenses: Desktop Font Rental Rights.

Web font service

Rentafont provides access to one of the largest collection of multilingual fonts on very favorable terms. You no longer need to buy web fonts one by one. Rentafont users are given access to the whole collection of web fonts and they can use any Web font for the required number of previews.

Even after installation on a website, web fonts can be easily replaced or new fonts can be added, website address changed or number of previews increased.

Web fonts from Rentafont suit both websites with constantly high traffic and advertisement campaigns or A/B testing when web fonts are required for 50,000 impressions only.

For prices, see the section Pricing: Web Font Service Cost.
On how the web fonts work, see the section How It Works: Using Web Fonts.
On rights, read the section Terms and Licenses: Rights to Web Fonts.

Fonts in subscription

In addition to renting fonts one by one, Rentafont allows you to use large font collections in subscription. It's like a long-term rental of desktop and web fonts for 1 month or 1 year.

Unlike a standard rental, subscription allows you to activate fonts in one click and work with them on several computers at the same time.

The collection of fonts for rent and subscription is constantly growing. Today there are
over 3000 Desktop Fonts and over 3300 Web Fonts.

Font search

Rentafont offers a unique search system, where everyone, irrespective of his/her level of professionalism and mindset, can find a suitable font.

The main search methods:

1. Search by shape. Do you have good visual memory and clearly visualize how the font you need should look like? Then, you can find it by its special features. For example, boldness, serif type, stroke contrast etc.

2. Associative search. What are the feelings and associations that the fonts you need provoke? If your client wants to see "good," "sporty," or "feminine" font on the packaging, you can find it by gender, temperament, nationality, and other features.

3. Application in design. You are a designer, and font is your tool. Then, you know that one font works better for headlines, and the other for body text, while the third is exceptional for infographic. Look for the fonts, which suit your specific task.

4. History and origin. Are you a connoisseur of font art? Then you can easily find the required font by its author, studio, year of creation or its place in history.

5. Traditional text search. Enter the font name or any keyword in the search line and enjoy classical search option. Here you can even find your font by the brand where it was used (Nike, Panasonic, Skype), by number of styles etc.

To make the search as accurate as possible, each font style has a semantic core of an average 450 tags from 50 categories in the English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages. You can read some of these descriptions in the Rentafont Alphabetical Font Catalog. Also you can discover the font collections, compiled using our unique search engine.

Font search examples

Font management

Fonts, as a rule, are not required for their own sake but for specific projects, such as a logo, packaging, banner etc. Therefore, a convenient font manager, where you can save fonts in projects, is part of each Rentafont account. Projects can be found in the user menu in the top right-hand part of the website.

Having found the required fonts, the user can save them in one of his/her projects in order to rent them for design, connect to websites or simply save for the future. You can create and remove projects, add fonts to them, as well as copy, move, and delete them from your projects.

When setting up a new account, a Welcome to Rentafont! demo project will appear. It will help the user to try all Rentafont services based on the example of several fonts.

We recommend creating a new project for each order, as it will help to quickly find fonts by the name of your order rather than by font names.

Font manager features:

  • An unlimited number of user projects
  • An unlimited number of fonts in projects
  • Up to 100 rented styles per day
  • An unlimited number of Web font orders per project

How it works

Application for rental of desktop fonts

All Rentafont fonts are kept on a server. Having rented fonts, the user can work with them in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and other programs as with normal fonts. However, the user has no access to font files and cannot copy them.

This operational principle is convenient for designers and absolutely secure for authors. It has become possible thanks to Rentafont's unique technology of protected authorized distribution of desktop fonts called the Rentafont Agent.

This simple free application will synchronize your rented fonts with the computer it runs on. The Rentafont Agent runs on both PC and Mac computers.

Rentafont Agent features:

Work with design applications (PS, AI, ID, Corel, ...) Yes
Work with office applications (Word, Notepad, Excel, ...) Yes
Windows 7 — 11 Yes
Mac-OS 10.13 — 14.0 Yes
Rentafont Agent installation on your computers Any number
Simultaneous running of Rentafont Agent on your computers Any one computer
Trial rent period 10 minutes, 1 hour
Standard rent period 1 day, 1 week
Repeated or prolonged rental Yes
Use of proxy server for corporate networks Port 9999
Download Rentafont Agent

Desktop Font Rental Instructions

1. Download, install, and run the Rentafont Agent application.

2. Find the required fonts and rent them as shown in this example.

3. Press the "Rent fonts" button and wait for a couple of seconds while the fonts are synchronized with the Rentafont Agent application running on your computer.

4. Go to the Rentafont Agent, choose the required rental period in the dialog and click "Rent fonts". You will see the rented fonts appear on your computer.

About 90% of Rentafont fonts are available for rent via Rentafont Agent and they are identified by the abbreviation. The remaining fonts are either free (they can be simply downloaded) or they are not available for rental at this time but may become available later on.

Selecting the Rental Period

You can rent fonts and work with them as long as needed using standard rent periods of 10 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, and 1 week. The differences in the features offered by different periods are summarized in the table below:

Rental period Features Usage hints
10 minutes (Quick Rent) Unlimited extension A quick font test or quick layout correction.
1 hour (Quick Rent) Unlimited extension A detailed familiarization with the font or choice of several fonts, e.g., for a poster.
One day (Day Rent) Unlimited extension, User initiated pause, Automatic pause on exiting Rentafont Agent A small layout, e.g., business card, invitation, greeting card.
One week (Week Rent) Unlimited extension, User initiated pause, Automatic pause on exiting Rentafont Agent Work on a large project when the decision has been approved and finished layouts have to be made.

You can prolong the rent period at any moment. However, the rent periods of different fonts may differ, e.g., one font could be rented for 1 hour + 1 day + 2 weeks, while the other font for 1 week.

To do this you need to log into your account.
If you don't have an account, register now.
Rent fonts

Behavior of rented fonts

There are several ways to find out whether you currently have any rented fonts or not.

Firstly, there is an indicator in the main window of Rentafont Agent, to the right of each font, showing how much time is left until the rent period expires.


Secondly, you can see the legend "Currently rented" on the website in your projects over the font sample, and a green indicator of operational Rentafont Agent application.


Please note that the Rentafont Agent is always showing the project you worked on last. However, you can decide to select any project and rent fonts for it with no restrictions whatsoever. That project will be in focus next time you run the Rentafont Agent.


Ending the font rent

The end of rent of any font will not catch you unawares. The Rentafont Agent will generate an advance notification that certain fonts are to be removed from the system shortly. If you still need those fonts for your work, you can prolong the rent period.

Even if the rent expired when you were away from your computer or you have closed the Rentafont Agent, your layout will not suffer. All designer applications are made so that if a font is removed from the system, the entered text will retain its settings. It does not matter whether the layout is open or not, the text will "remember" the required font.

Upon rent expiry, pausing or exiting the Rentafont Agent, any changes of layout text blocks will only be superficial. The application will automatically substitute some other font instead of the one that disappeared. As soon as the required font is rented again, the text blocks will change and assume the required appearance.

Therefore, don’t be in a hurry to convert your posters, magazines or books to curves. Simply rent the fonts for the length of time needed for work.

Possible rent problems

Occasionally, when launching the Rentafont Agent for the first time, the rented fonts may not appear in the relevant application. If this is the case, make sure that rent period has already started: both the fonts and their rental periods should be shown in the Rentafont Agent's main window.

If the rent period is running and the fonts still don't work, simply restart the application, which has not received the fonts. If this does not help, restart the Rentafont Agent.

Should the problem persist, press the "Report a bug" button in the right-hand top portion of the Rentafont Agent window, describe your problem, and send out an error report.

Be Sure to Share Your Impressions:
About renting fonts via Rentafont Agent Windows:
About renting font via Rentafont Agent Mac OS:

For prices, see the section: Pricing: Desktop Fonts Rental Cost.
On rights, read the section: Terms and Licenses: Desktop Font Rental Rights.

Working with web fonts

You can build in any web fonts from the Rentafont collection into your websites using the @font-face + CSS mechanism.

Features of Rentafont web fonts:

Standard web font order volume 50K to 50M previews
Number of user websites Any number
Web fonts per user's websites Up to 5 / Unlimited*
Number of available web fonts Whole collection
Adding, removing, and replacing fonts Yes
Adding the number of impressions Yes
Changing the target website Yes
Accurate count of access to fonts Yes
Font subsets On preorder
Order validity period Unlimited
Script hosting on user website Allowed
Hosting of web fonts Rentafont server

* Unlimited number of web fonts can be ordered after adding funds by $20 or more.

About 75% of Rentafont fonts have web format and they are marked by legend. The remaining fonts are either (they can be simply downloaded) or they have no Web format yet, but it may appear later. If you have found a suitable font, but it has no Web version, simply contact us.

Step-by step directions for using web fonts

1. Find and add to your new project any fonts suitable for your website.

web_1 web_2

2. Rent them via the Rentafont Agent application and prepare design of website pages.

3. When the design is approved and sent for coding, select the font used in the layout and create an order for web fonts with the required number of previews, e.g., 50,000. Specify the address of the local version of your website and press "Checkout".


4. When the website has been coded, edit your online order by replacing the address of you local server with the address of the public version of your website and adding the required number of previews.


You can at any moment change the web fonts, change the website address or increase the number of impressions.

For prices, see the section Pricing: Web Fonts Service Cost.
On rights, read the section Terms and Licenses: Rights to Web Fonts.

Buying fonts

You may not only rent fonts from Rentafont, but also buy them permanently, e.g., for use in packaging design or for book publication. Rental of fonts before buying will help you to make sure that purchased fonts will work well in our layouts, i.e., bring benefits rather than simply sit in the Fonts folder.

To buy a font, click “Rent/Buy” button on any font sample or in the bottom palette of selected fonts. Also on the font pages in the Font Index you can see the buttons "Buy Font" and "Rent/Buy Family".


Rent users are offered a cumulative discount when buying licenses for the previously rented fonts. By combining rent and buying, you can achieve significant savings of both time and money.

For prices, see the section Pricing: Font Buying Cost.
On rights, read the section Terms and Licenses: Font Licenses.

Security of renting fonts

All the desktop and web fonts at Rentafont are securely protected from illegal copying thanks to unique technologies: The Rentafont Agent system of secure authorized access to desktop fonts and improved script @FontFace. All the work with fonts, as well as the whole procedure of payment for Rentafont services are protected by SSL Certificate.

The Rentafont fonts are stored on server only, therefore, you can work with them as you would with normal fonts; however, they cannot be copied either accidentally or intentionally.


Payment principle

Rentafont offers a flexible pricing system, which optimizes your costs.

The more funds a user adds at once, the higher discount on desktop and web fonts rental he receives.

Rentafont does not restrict users to making fixed payments. You yourself decide on the amount to top up your account, starting with just $1.

Desktop font rental Cost

Desktop font rental is measured in font-hours, where 1 font-hour = any 1 style available on your computer for 1 hour. For example, 100 font-hours = 100 styles for 1 hour, or 5 styles for 20 hours.

You may rent fonts for any length of time, using standard periods of 10 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week. Also, you can prolong the rental time at any moment, using those periods.

Pricing of different font rental periods

10 min. (Quick Rent) 1 hour (Quick Rent) 1 day (Day Rent) 1 week (Week Rent)
From $0,072 From $0,10 From $0,36 From $1,20

You will not have to pay for each hour. Rent payment is similar to paying for mobile communication service: you transfer some money into your account and spend it whenever needed.

To better understand the benefits of rent compare it with shopping in font shops. Let's say, you have $50. In a font shop, you can buy licenses for one or two styles with this money. On the other hand, having replenished your Rentafont account with $50, you get an opportunity to work with any fonts from the collection for as many as 1250 font-hours. This will be enough for several large orders.

You can calculate how much you need to transfer to your account to obtain the required rental time by using this price calculator.

On how the font rental works, see the section How It Works: Rentafont Agent Application.
On rights, read the section Terms and Licenses: Desktop Font Rental Rights.

Web font service cost

Usage of the web fonts is measured in previews (impressions) of any font style on your website. If you posted three Rentafont web fonts on one website, then, visiting this website once, you will have three previews of the web fonts.

Pricing of different number of web font previews

50,000 previews 500,000 previews 5,000,000 previews 50,000,000 previews
From $2,4 From $7,2 From $36 From $180

You can at any moment add more previews, replace fonts in your order or even change the address of the website, where they will be displayed.

To appreciate the advantages of web font service compare it with purchasing in font shops. For instance, in a font shop, $50 will buy you one or two web fonts for 10,000 previews per month on one website, without the option of replacing the font.

While with Rentafont, $50 allow you to put any web fonts from a huge collection on your websites for 5,000,000 previews. For example, five web fonts for one website for 1,000,000 previews, or one web font each for five websites for 1,000,000 previews for each website, with the option of replacing fonts at any moment.

You can calculate how much you need to put on your account to obtain the required number of web font previews by using this price calculator.

On how web fonts work, read the section How It Works: Using Web Fonts.
On rights, read the section Terms and Licenses: Rights to Web Fonts.

Font buying cost

The font buying price may vary (depending on the font author and type), but on average, it is about $30 for one style.

When buying font licenses after renting fonts, you get a 10% to 85% discount. Its rate depends on the amount you spend for rent of the fonts you are going to buy — the longer the rent period, the greater the discount.

On how to buy a font, see the section How It Works: Buying Fonts.
For the comparison between the rights in desktop font rent and desktop licenses, read the section Terms and Licenses: Font Licenses.

Bonuses and gifts

Rentafont offers numerous bonuses and freebies:

Bonuses for font rental:

  • Up to $4 at registration will be enough for two weeks' rental of any desktop font or 50,000 previews of pages with any web font from the Rentafont collection.
  • $2 for inviting your friend. It is always great to share what you like. Invite your friend and get $2 to your account and $1 to your friend's account, when he or she start using Rentafont.
  • $0,20 daily. Get bonuses for each day you visit the Rentafont, but don't overdo it ;)
  • Also you receive bonuses for all desktop and web fonts bought by your clients!

Spend your bonuses for fonts rental, but do not forget to replenish your account with money too, it helps to develop our font service. Each deposit adds 3 months to the validity period of your bonuses.

Get gifts

Terms and licenses

Website terms of use

This website is managed, maintained, and owned by Rentafont, Inc. All the content presented on the website, including the system of content organization and presentation, is the property of Rentafont, Inc. and is protected by laws and regulations on intellectual property.

Each user can have only one account registered with the permanent (not temporary) e-mail. Rentafont doesn't recommend to use multiple accounts and cannot guarantee the functioning and safety of such accounts.

Rentafont reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms of Terms of Service and Licenses and recommends users check the information section of this website and the emails from Rentafont support

Access to website content and functionalities shall be granted to users provided they accept and agree to the Website Terms of Use and User Agreements for desktop and web font service.


Rentafont respects confidentiality of private and personal information of its users and shall never use such information for spamming and other illegal activities. Private information shall only be used for the authors and users to receive the most relevant information for them about the operation of the website, the website content, and services offered. Rentafont performs processing of personal data described in the Privacy Policy, in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Font rental rights

The rights to rented fonts are quite similar to desktop license. Desktop fonts rental allows:

1. Create any design: documents, graphics, videos, presentations etc.


During the rent period of fonts, you can type any text on any computer. Also you can rasterize font characters or convert them to curves. The work with such symbols is not limited by the rent period.

2. Use the layouts with symbols of rented fonts for personal or commercial purposes as follows:

Banners, social media covers, userpics in for you and your customers (he/she must have own Rentafont account)


Static video thumbnails for you and your customers (he/she must have own Rentafont account)


Invitations, greetings, souvenirs, not intended for sale. To sell images, you need a Stocker’s License.


Projects in portfolio for you or your studio


Educational projects for students and teachers


Business cards, flyers, posters, leaflets for you and your customers (he/she must have own Rentafont account). Not more than 100 copies on a jet or laser printer.


Font rental allow small studios, freelancers and even students to work with a huge number of different fonts, getting the right rights at the right time at an affordable price.

For more detail, please refer to the Rentafont User Agreement.

Designers, take a note! To ensure that your customers use your design as legally as you created it, when approving the layout, specify that for registration of trademarks or releasing printed matter or products with font characters they must have license rights for the fonts contained in the layout.

Improve legal literacy of your clients and earn bonuses for all desktop fonts they buy, as well as for the web font they use!

Rights to fonts for stock illustrators

Rented fonts can be used as the element of stock illustration, if such illustration contains any elements except the characters of fonts. Any words from any language with a sample or mockup function are allowed, for example: Lorem Ipsum, Option 01, Your Logo, Company Name, Sample Text, EPS Vector Illustration, etc.

Default-rent-fonts-allowed Default-rent-fonts-not-allowed

You cannot use the rented fonts to type any valuable words, for example: Milk, Chocolate, Happy New Year!. To resolve this limitation you need to purchase a Stoker's License.

Stocker's License

This is a temporary right extension for rented fonts, especially for stock illustrators. The license allows you to publish stock images with titles, greetings, slogans, signs, names of goods and services, for example: Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Happy Valentine's Day, Your Company, Black Friday, Happy Birthday. Stocker's Collection contains More than 2300 fonts with Latin and Cyrillic characters of all types for any subject!


The owner of the Stoker's License has the right to include up to 50 characters of any rented font, marked with in any illustration, template or pattern, created and published during the term of this right extension. The license is valid during the time period choosen by you.

Stock illustrator can confirm his/her right to the above-described usage of the rented fonts in his/her illustrations by generating of the Property Release, if it's required by the photobank.

See details in the License Agreement.

On prices, see the section Pricing: Desktop Font Service Cost.
On how the font rental works, read the section How It Works: Rentafont Agent Application.
Buy Stocker's License

Right to web fonts

Usage of the web fonts from Rentafont fully replaces purchase of Web licenses for fontsand grants universal rights, irrespective of the fonts chosen.


Use Rentafont web fonts on your website. You have the right to use web fonts from the Rentafont collection for design of website using the @font-face + CSS mechanism for a certain number of previews, with no time limits.

Change the list of fonts in the order at any time. You have the right to add or replace fonts, add the number of previews, and change the website address at any time.

Create any number of orders for web fonts. You have the right to create an unlimited number of orders for web fonts.

Improve the performance of web fonts on your website using subsets. If your website does not use all the font characters (e.g., one language only, or capitals only), you can remove any extra characters from the web font file, so as to speed up the loading time for your pages.

For more detail, please refer to the Rentafont User Agreement.

On prices, see the section Pricing: Web Font Service Cost.
On how the web fonts work, read the section How It Works: Using Web Fonts.

Font licenses

After the rent, some fonts that used in the approved layout may be needed to you or your customer in the form of a personal licensed copy. Font licenses are useful for such projects:

Logos, emblems or trademarks


Paper and electronic books, magazines and newspapers


Outdoor advertising


Games and mobile apps


Licenses are needed when the certain fonts help the business to generate profit, being part of a brand or product. Lifetime font license is a long-term investment. A font license can be a standard or extended one.

A standard desktop license covers the following:

  • Font installation on one to five computers for unlimited time.
  • Building in the font into documents in the print&preview format.
  • Using bitmap representation of font characters on websites.
  • Production of any number of printed matter copies.

A standard Web license includes the following:

  • Use the purchased web fonts on your website with a certain restriction on monthly website traffic.
  • Hosting of the web font you purchased on your server. You yourself will store and send the purchased web font to visitors of your website.

Possible license extensions:

  • The right to install fonts on a greater number of computers.
  • The right to temporarily transfer fonts to prepress bureau of another company.
  • The right to build in the font characters at the Editable level.
  • The right to modify fonts.
  • The right to use vector font characters in logos.
  • The right to present font characters in video, on-air and network broadcasting.
  • The right to build in font characters in documents for commercial dissemination: ebooks, magazines, templates of commercial publications.
  • The right to use fonts in interactive applications and games.
  • The right to use fonts in mobile applications (iOS, Android, etc. platforms).
  • The right to "legalize" illegally used fonts.
  • The right to design websites using web fonts with the help of Web technologies other than @font-face, e.g., sIFR, Cufon or Typeface.js, as well as on Flash website.

These are common options of popular font licenses. Licensing conditions of different foundries may vary. You can find out these conditions by adding the font to your Shopping Cart cart

At Rentafont, you can buy perpetual font licenses for you and your customers: fonts for printing and installation on computers, web fonts for websites, fonts for mobile applications, movies and television, video games, e-books.

On prices, see the section Pricing: Font Buying Cost.
On how to buy fonts, read the section How It Works: Buying Fonts.

Collaboration with Rentafont

For type designers

Rentafont is expanding the range of legal users of your fonts through font rent for the time of their work. The rent does not replace the purchase of licenses, rather it simplifies buyer's choice.

A graphic designer makes a layout and pays for the time of work with fonts, and then, the layout customer buys the required licenses or uses web fonts. In this way, rental is beneficial for both designers, clients, and font designers.

Rentafont brings in illegal font users from the cold. Who will want to look for pirated font copies and break the law, if rent is more than affordable? Besides, the Rentafont fonts are included in a database with unique search engine in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages and are associated with user's projects. All fonts are securely stored on the server and are available anytime and anywhere. These advantages make piracy unprofitable.

Our font collection contains hundreds of multilingual typefaces in desktop and web format. We work with type designers and foundries from around the world, including Paratype, TypeType, TypeTogether. Add your fonts to the Rentafont collection and earn a respectable royalty under normal collaborative terms and a huge one under exclusive terms.

Send your application with a reference to samples of your fonts to, and we will contact you within two days.

For partners

Rentafont is always happy to work with people passionate about fonts: from calligraphy to web design. If you have commercial, educational or esthetic interest in fonts, typography or any other kind of design, we could offer you information partnership, joint projects, and special terms for using fonts.

Rentafont partners

Projector —

Projector school — the way it should be. We know our subject (web design, programming, marketing), we are passionate about education and we do love people! We are not indifferent — so that is why gathered here so many talented people. On both sides of the class.

For any cooperation or partnership matters, please contact

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