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Support Ukraine Buying Ukrainian Fonts

Since February 24, 2022 Ukraine is resisting the new stage of Putin's aggression! Every major city is subjected to missile attacks, air strikes, siege or invasion by the russian troops. The world must know it!

Make posters and videos in support of Ukraine using fonts of Ukrainian cities, fonts from Ukrainian designers, fonts with Ukrainian mood.

All the money from sales of Ukrainian fonts will go to support our defenders and type designers!

You can also donate directly to


New Typeface Intro Offer!

20% OFF new Ukrainian modular typeface KREIS by Kateryna Korolevtseva. Kreis is the German word for circle. KREIS has a lot of alternates and supports extended Latin and Cyrillic.

The offer is actual untill August 25, 2022.

Other discounts for renting and buying fonts

  • Up to 40% discount on renting desktop and web fonts when depositing from $30.
  • Buying fonts after renting them, you get a discount up to 85% of the cost of the basic license. More rental time, more discount.
  • Buying several font styles of the same typeface, you get a discount from 5%.
  • When you purchase fonts twice within 1 month, you get a 15% discount.
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