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Pricing plan "Basic"

Desktop fonts rental

The cost of rental any desktop font depends on the rent period. The longer rent period you select, the less worth every hour. The rent can be prolonged at any time.

10 minutes

60 minutes

One day

One week


from $0.024

from $0.07

from $0.4

from $1.2

from $12.50

Web fonts rental

Renting web fonts, you pay only for impressions, not for fonts. The more views you order, the cheaper they cost. Change fonts or add impressions at any time.

50 000

500 000

5 000 000

50 000 000

5 000 000 Sub.

from $2.4

from $7.2

from $36

from $180

from $20

Each font rental increases your discount on Font License for you or your customer.
If you need many fonts for a long time, choose Font Subscription.

Save money when adding funds

You are not limited by the fixed payment and can add funds by any amount starting from $1. The bigger your recharge amount, the more you save.

0 Dollars
11 Font rental hours
< 50 000 Webfont impressions



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Add funds by $20

Start work with fonts for free!

Rentafont gives you an opportunity to use the font rental completely free and without any restrictions. Your bonuses will be enough for several design projects!

for new users

Your gift is enough for a weekly rent of any desktop font or for short-term rent of several dozen different fonts.


It's always nice to share good stuff with friends. Invite a friend and get a bonus to your and to friend. More friends — more gifts.


Get a gift for each visit of our website. If you are a workoholic, you can gain 100 000 web font impressions a month.

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