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Shchedryk Foundry

Shchedryk is a Facebook community founded by Ukrainian type designer Viktor Kharyk on 2017 to help volunteers on the military front and for the purchase of medicine. It is the most simplified system for selling fonts directly from the authors with targeted money transfer to the destination.

Our aims and objectives are to assist the development of Ukrainian type design, to help designers and type designers make the move, spreading information about Ukrainian type design, i.e. share information about Ukrainian fonts, authors, events, lectures, workshops, schools, websites, etc.

Viktor Kharyk made several typefaces with a strong Ukrainian flavor specially for Shchedryk. They were based on works of Gennady Zarechnyuk and Vasyl Chebanyk and inspired by Volodymyr Yurchyshyn and Georgij Yakutovich. Community gives the opportunity to other type designers to join our project with its original fonts. Now are available fonts by Sergiy Tkachenko, Gennady Zarechnyuk and Viktor Kharyk.

Foundry website:

Cooperates with authors: Viktor Kharyk, Gennady Zarechnyuk, Vasyl Chebanyk

Viktor Kharyk

Type designer from Ukraine. Lives and works in Düsseldorf. The founder of the charitable project Shchedryk.

Gennady Zarechnyuk

Type designer from Ukraine. Lives and works in Lviv.

Vasyl Chebanyk

Type designer from Ukraine. Lives and works in Kyiv.

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