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DR Foundry

Dmytro Rastvortsev is a self-taught type designer from Ukraine with a unique recognizable style. His work has won awards from a number of international type design competitions, including TypeArt 05, Modern Cyrillic 2009, The Best Of Ukrainian Design in Typestyle and typography 2014 and 2016 (Kyiv), Morisawa Type Design Competition 2019.

His clients include Fedoriv, Banda, Ataka, Crevv, Projector, Dmytro Bulanov Creative Buro, Kyivstar, Держкіно, Disney Imaginations, Chank Co, Usquaebach, Modern House Numbers, Masterskaya, Dima Barbanel, Esquire, Afisha, The Art Newspaper, Harvard Business Review, Variety, Citizen K, Port, Intersection, СEO, L'Officiel, Taste, ICTV, Ukrainian Week, Kyiv Style, Osnovy Publishing, IPIO, IDM, Havas Media, HZV.

Foundry website:

Cooperates with authors: Dmytro Rastvortsev

Dmytro Rastvortsev

Type designer from Ukraine. Lives and works in Sumy. The founder of DR studio.

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