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TypeTogether Foundry

TypeTogether is an indie type foundry committed to excellence in type design with a focus on editorial use. Additionally, TypeTogether creates custom type design for corporate use. Veronika Burian and José Scaglione, who met at the University of Reading whilst completing their MAs in Type Design, joined forces in 2006 and started the independent type foundry TypeTogether. It developed out of our desire to publish high quality typefaces and to collaborate on new type projects together. Hence the name.

We also cooperate intensely with other type designers and thus create a diverse and interesting platform. Our main interest is in finding innovative and stylish solutions to old problems for the professional market of text typefaces with a focus on editorial use. This is where we see the greatest challenges, creating typefaces that perform well in continuous reading, but have enough personality to show. The quality of our work has been already recognized in several international competitions, including TDC and ED-Awards.

Foundry website:

Cooperates with authors: Veronika Burian, Jose Scaglione, Tom Grace, Toshi Omagari, Nicolien van der Keur, Vera Evstafieva, Gerard Unger, Irene Vlachou

Veronika Burian

Type designer from Czech Republic. Lives and works in Prague. The co-founder of TypeTogether.

Jose Scaglione

Type designer from Argentina. Lives and works in Rosario. The co-founder of TypeTogether.

Tom Grace

Type designer from USA. Lives and works in Heidelberg.

Toshi Omagari

Type designer from Japan. Lives and works in London. The founder of TTF ( Tabular Type Foundry).

Nicolien van der Keur

Type designer from Netherlands . Lives and works in Utrecht. The founder of Van der Keur (typo)graphic design.

Vera Evstafieva

Type designer from Russia. Lives and works in Cambridge. The founder of Infonta type foundry.

Gerard Unger

Type designer from Netherlands. Gerard Unger is the prominent Dutch graphic and type designer (1942–2018). Author of famous typefaces: Demos, Praxis, Hollander, Flora, Swift, Amerigo, Alverata, and Amsterdam Metro signage typeface.

Irene Vlachou

Type designer from Greece. Lives and works in Athens.

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