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Ukrainian Wartime Fonts Share

281 font · collected by Yevgen Sadko
This is a bundle of fonts designed by Ukrainian authors during the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine 2022-2023. Some fonts were created under occupation, some in basements under shelling, some in emigration. This bundle is constantly updated. Save it to your bookmarks!
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DR Refunk

6 of 5 font styles
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Cy Grotesk

32 of 31 font styles
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Quietism Variable

  (Michael Rafailyk)
3 of 2 font styles
Weight: 400
Contrast: 100
x-Height: 80
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Alexer Pro

13 of 12 font styles
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  (Michael Rafailyk)
6 of 5 font styles
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Mars Type PRO

8 of 7 font styles
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  (Michael Rafailyk)
4 of 3 font styles
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3 of 2 font styles
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3 of 2 font styles
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Irpin Type

7 of 6 font styles
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