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Brownfox Foundry

Independent type foundry Brownfox offers a fresh perspective on Latin and Cyrillic fonts. We have a solid track record with text fonts optimized for on-screen reading, as well as with print fonts. Our work is firmly rooted in the typographic tradition, yet is unmistakably current. We aspire to create fonts of the highest degree of craftsmanship and up to the latest technical standards.

The outcome that we pursue in our work – to augment familiar with something new. The most important thing for us is to find a new, bright, compelling and unique character of typefaces. One of the challenges here is to stay within the group of typefaces, called workhorses, fonts that cover a broad range of application areas.

Foundry website:

Cooperates with authors: Olga Umpeleva, Gayane Bagdasaryan, Vyacheslav Kirilenko, Dmytro Rastvortsev

Olga Umpeleva

Type designer from Russia. Lives and works in Moscow.

Gayane Bagdasaryan

Type designer from Russia. Lives and works in Berlin. Founder of the Brownfox type foundry and mastermind behind the annual international type conference Serebro Nabora held in Russia. Award winner of international type design competitions Kyrillitsa’99, TDC² 2000 and Granshan 2013.

Vyacheslav Kirilenko

Type designer from Kazakhstan. Vyacheslav won an award from Granshan international type design competition, 2013

Dmytro Rastvortsev

Type designer from Ukraine. Lives and works in Sumy. The founder of DR studio.

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