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End User License to Use Fonts in Stock Images

Attention! Before publishing stock images with fonts, be sure to read this License Agreement. Any breach of the terms of this License Agreement or use of software products and fonts without license shall entail the consequences envisaged by the current legislation of the United States. Exclusive rights in the fonts belong to their respective holders. Rentafont, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Rentafont”) has all the necessary legal power and authority to conclude this agreement and grant the rights indicated therein.

– “Font” means a graphic, design work, which represents a characteristic external image of letters, numbers, and other characters.

– “Font Characters” means the images of the letters, numbers, and other characters, which are part of the Font, made in the same stylistics or categorized based on some other characteristic.

– “User” (You) means a person who has an account at the Rentafont, Inc. websites (,, rentafont, and uses the Rentafont Agent client-server application for font rental.

– “Stock Images” means original designer works of bitmap and vector graphics, videos, 2D ad 3D animations (Eps, Ai, Cdr, Svg, Indd, Pdf, Gif, Png, Tiff, Jpg, Psd, Avi, Svf, Flv, … ) hosted on the Shutterstock, Istockphoto, Depositphotos, etc. websites and intended for commercial distribution, and not being a custom-made work for any concrete natural or legal person.

1. This document is an agreement between You on the one side, and the Rentafont, Inc., on the other side on granting you the rights specified therein to use in a certain manner and within certain limits the Font Characters from the “Stocker's Collection”. These rights are an extension of the right to use the Rentafont Agent client-server application of the Rentafont Company according to the “Basic” pricing plan.

2. This Agreement shall come into effect and become legally binding as of the date of Your payment of a respective invoice. The invoice is an integral part of the Agreement. By paying this invoice You agree to abide by the terms of this Agreement.

3. You shall be granted the right to publish the Stock Images created by you using Font Characters for their commercial distribution. After the expiration of the Validity period of this License you are allowed to continue selling these previously published Stock Images. Only the publication of new Stock Images is limited. The date of publication is the moment of sending the image to photostock’s review.

3.1. It is allowed to use up to any 50 Characters of the Fonts specified herein, converted into curves or rasterized. Usage examples shall include headings, greetings, signatures, description, slogans, markings, names of goods and services, templates and samples of layout sheets and logos.

3.2. It is prohibited to publish alphabet sets of Font Characters of one size without other images.

3.3. It is prohibited to publish the names of real trademarks and legal persons as logo templates.

3.4. You may use the Fonts specified herein in the abovementioned manner only via the Rentafont Agent client-server application for font rental.

4. You are also not granted the following rights:

а) Make runs of printed matter using the Characters of the Fonts specified herein, other than small-circulation hardcopy included in the User Agreement for using the Rentafont Agent client-service application for font rental.

b) Hand over to third parties the layouts of logos made to order and not being Stock Images, e.g., logo templates.

To lift the usage restriction stated herein, special licenses should be purchased.

5. The rights indicated herein shall be granted to You without the right of their transfer and assignment to other persons.

6. Upon expiry of this Agreement, the rights granted to You pursuant to the User Agreement on using the Rentafont Agent client-server application by Rentafont according to the Basic pricing plan shall not expire or change. Only the effect of the expanded rights related to publication of Stock Images (clause 3 and 3.1) shall expire.

6.1. This Agreement may be extended at any time for one months, six months or one year by Your payment of the respective invoice.

7. In case of Your breach of any of the clauses hereof, Rentafont shall have the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement, after which publication by You of the Stock Images with characters of the Fonts specified herein shall be regarded as violation of exclusive rights.

8. The appropriate responsibility envisaged by the current legislation shall ensue for use of the Font without an effective License Agreement, outside the latter or any violation of exclusive rights.

9. The license is supplied without any explicit or implicit obligations on supplier’s part with regard to consumer properties of the Fonts and their utility for any purposes. No commercial guarantees and guarantees of applicability for any specific usage areas are provided. Under no circumstances shall Rentafont be liable for any loss or damages caused by use or inability to use the Font, or by the provision or failure to provide the services of support related to their use.

10. This Agreement is concluded for a period decided by the parties hereto and it has no geographic restrictions.

* Shutterstock, Istockphoto, Depositphotos are the trademarks of their respective owners.

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